Upcoming Trainings

Drug-Impaired Driver Symposium | May 30 – June 2, 2017 | Sacramento

Topic to be covered include: SFSTs and Drug-Impaired Driving, Blood Draws, How a Prosecute a Marijuana DUI, Lessons Learned from Colorado and Oregon, and Search Warrants.

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The Office of Traffic Safety is rebooting the Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP) program to better meet the needs of California prosecutors and law enforcement. Although TSRPs are no longer being utilized by CDAA, the TSRP program has never shut down and is moving forward. Creg Datig, while not an employee of CDAA, is acting as a temporary consultant for the TSRP program in order to help agencies in need of assistance. He is a former CDAA TSRP Director, a retired Assistant District Attorney in Riverside County, and is uniquely qualified to consult with us on this project. All questions or concerns should be directed to Amanda Martin, CDAA Senior Attorney, (916) 930-3071.